What Is the Truthy And Falsy Values ?

In Javascript , as a condition two ways values condition rendering. which is truthy and falsy values.

Truthy value

In Javascript , a truthy value is a value that is considered true when encountered in a boolean context. Anything variable value define what’s mentioned above is truthy. Simply any variable with a value is truthy.

Below are some truthy values.

true - boolean true context.
{} - An object (whether empty or not)
[] - An array (whether empty or not)
10 - (whether positive or negative)
'true' - Non empty strings
'false' - Non empty strings

React Introduction

React Is A Javascript library . which is creating user interface. And React Is tiny libray. This is use super easy and super fast working. It is very flexible for fronted ui design. and most popular library than vuje.

React Overveiw.

. A User Interface Library

. Component Architecture

. One way data flow React.

. Component Based React.

React Component

React is component based building user interface. becasue component based user interface creating super easy and very flexible . optimization and customization is very easy any react app.

React components that are reusable, composable, and stateful. when…

Primitive Types

In Javascript programming , A primitive types that very important thing.

In Javascript , Primitive ( primitive values, primitive data ) . And Types and Data thatIs not object .There Are 7 primitive data types : string, number, bigint, boolean, undefined, symbol and null. All types are are immutable values.

string type : string type is represent by textual data . that is immutable.Each element in the String occupies a position in the String

number type : Number type is represent by number or integer values.

boolean : Boolean represents a logical entity and can have two values: true and…

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